ACT 365 is a complete, scalable, cloud-based access control and video management solution designed to allow the remote management of single and multiple locations from one easy-to-navigate interface. It provides ample flexibility for management of an organisation’s access control, including the ability to update or remove permissions, view cameras or open doors from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The system is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year from any device in any location using a leading internet browser. This allows administrators to access video footage, notifications and more with just the touch of a button.

Key Features & Credentials

ACT 365 offers different levels of cloud-based access services, allowing administrators to find the most suitable option for their organisation. Being hosted in the cloud means this solution delivers remote access and instant management to protect a premises. Access control and video management are key security systems and ACT 365 provides a complete solution that integrates the two, giving users greater visibility and control over their property.

Users can always stay connected to their business, watch video footage, disable a credential, or open a door remotely from any device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) at any time. Within the software a user has instant access to any recent logged events as well as recorded video, allowing them to easily associate footage with flagged access control. Video verification of cardholders can be obtained with live views of all doors.

Customers or visitors to a site can be sent virtual credentials, like a QR code, to their mobile phone, giving them access for a set period. The valid QR code is presented to a QR reader for access to be granted.

More than just security, ACT 365 provides added peace of mind in the form of time attendance and absenteeism reports. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for easy manipulation and importing into payroll systems.  The free ACT 365 app, available on iOS and Android, also enables real time muster reporting straight to a device – no need to wait for an emergency list to print.

A multi-site business can benefit from ACT 365 as it allows the management of all sites and users from one unified, user-friendly interface. The software is fully scalable, allowing a business to add and remove locations and access credentials as it changes and expands.

By deploying ACT 365 there is no need to purchase a local server or PC for each site, everything is accessed and managed via the internet. Not only does this save on cost but the latest versions and features are continuously updated and available, with no disruption to service. This means no maintenance is required, and backups are carried out automatically to ensure all data is secure.

API and Integrations

ACT 365 can be used with any existing business management system. It is fully customisable, offering both API and flat file integrations, so can be tailored to your organisation’s individual needs and requirements.

Business management systems that ACT 365 can integrate with include, HR applications that feature time and attendance, staff records and payroll systems. This allows you to not only control the access security of your building, but also record the time keeping of employees and their associated pay. Employees can use the same access card or biometric reading system to access the building and record their working hours which can then be directly linked to payroll.

Venue management systems like visitor, contractor and gym management will also integrate with ACT 365, allowing you to keep track of the people that come and go from your venue or workplace. You can record who the person is, what type of visitor they are, when they arrived, when they left and how often they visit. Contractor management allows you to identify and register contractors, issue inductions, request documentation, manage authorisation, permits to work, and keep an accurate audit trail with just a couple of clicks. You can monitor venues and workplaces in multiple locations using this software.

Types Of Business & Physical Access Control Best Suited to ACT 365

ACT 365 is a cloud-based solution that fits perfectly into the everyday needs of any business. Using limited IT infrastructure and remote use, it provides full access control and video verification via an internet connected device. Although any business can benefit from ACT 365, it is particularly useful for:

Multiple Sites – Retail, Restaurants & Service Stations

A complete access control and video solution like ACT 365 can help protect stock, cash, and employees. As the solution can be replicated across multiple sites and managed remotely in one central location, via an internet-connected device, retail, restaurant, and service station businesses can utilise the software to create more streamlined processes. Alarms and video playback can help with event reporting and reduce fraudulent claims made by customers and staff.


Protect the buildings, assets and employees of SME’s with ACT 365’s complete access control and video solution. Fire muster reports can be generated with ease to a PC, smart phone, or tablet. Costs associated with configuration, maintenance and back-ups can be avoided – there is no need to purchase servers or PCs as the centralised cloud system can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time and is backed up and updated automatically.

Gyms & Sports Clubs

ACT 365 can integrate with existing gym/club membership software to ensure that only paid-up members have access to facilities, and use pin codes, fobs, cards, or mobile phones as access credentials. It can also help reduce fraudulent claims made by members and staff thanks to video playback, event reporting and alarms.

Construction Sites

Secure construction sites and protect equipment and employees whilst complying to Health & Safety regulations, with ACT 365. Using GSM to enable communication, construction sites can benefit from complete access control, video and accurate fire muster reporting sent to a PC, smart phone, or tablet.

Property Management & Rental Companies

With ACT 365’s complete access control and video solution, buildings and tenants can be protected. Administer and revoke credentials for tenants, gates, car parks and doors with ease, and utilise pin codes, fobs, or cards for access. View all properties centrally and manage remotely from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Remote Sites

To secure a remote site such as a telecoms tower, water tower or electrical substation, you can use ACT 365. By using GSM to enable communication, this complete access control and video solution can be deployed across multiple sites. Pin codes, fobs or cards can be used for access and report data can be stored centrally while management can be remote.

Case Studies

Annan Athletic Football Club

OLS integrated an ACT 365 cloud-based solution for Annan Athletic Football Club that would work with their existing facilities management software, Sportskey.

The Club required an access control solution that would provide unmanned access to their 3G pitch. Customers would book the date and time they wanted access, before receiving a time sensitive pin to use on the keypad proximity reader. The system also allowed the pitch flood lights to come on and remain on for the duration of the booking.

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Ascott Transport Limited

Ascott Transport Limited (ATL) needed to upgrade their outdated access-control system with a solution capable of integrating with their existing Mifare range of credentials. By partnering with OLS, multiple ACT 365 solutions were deployed across the site, connecting all entrances to the network and cloud. ATL also chose to integrate fire muster reporting by installing turnstile entry points that would account for individuals on or off-site.

Fully scalable, ACT 365 permits ATL operators to activate doors and examine their status from any major web-browser or via the ACT 365 app. They can also make rapid remote adjustments to details, including reworking access privileges. As new buildings are added or need renovations, ACT 365 allows ATL to expand their system and obtain further coverage of their facilities.

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OLS installed ACT 365 for ISS, fully integrating it with their existing UKG Ready Time & Attendance platform. By combining the APIs of both systems, ISS could benefit from minimal administration when adding and removing users, keeping their information up to date and GDPR compliant.

Utilising the ACT 365 app, fire roll call was made easier and automated by placing readers at muster points for self-check in. The system also helped ISS to reactively deal with company dismissals and misplaced employee cards. Automatic System Turnstiles were installed to further enhance security whilst making a design statement that gave a high-quality corporate feel.

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