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Biometric access control systems combines convenience and security like never before

It’s clear to see why biometric access control systems are currently one of the most popular access control options. The ability to store biological and physical traits that are unique to each individual means there is no risk of key card and password sharing, creating tighter security. Biometric access control systems work by storing personal data and then analysing the fingerprint or face scan to see if it matches the stored data in the system. If it finds a match, the access control opens and allows you to go through. If no match is found, then access will be denied.

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Fingerprint Access Control

A fingerprint scanner converts a picture of your finger into a template, which shows unique elements as ridges and valleys. This template is then compared with the fingerprint that is presented.

Fingerprint access control systems are very accurate and can be implemented for a relatively low price.

One disadvantage of fingerprint access control is that if you opt for a lower quality system, it can be affected by dirt and grime. However, at OLS, we install fingerprint scanners that can read up to 4 levels deep of the finger and can see past the dirt.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition access control systems capture an image of the person’s face in the initial set up and then going forward will compare the input to the stored version to see if it is a match.

Facial recognition is widely utilised for its ease of use and for the speed in which it recognises a user. The systems are also getting more and more intelligent, now being able to recognise someone’s face even if they are wearing a mask.

Iris Recognition Access Control

Here a person’s iris is captured, and their unique features stored as a template.

As every iris has so many unique features, this access control system has very high accuracy levels – This means that it’s a highly recommended option for any companies that have a high level of security. These systems can now recognise iris’s at around two metres.

However, an iris recognition access control system is less user friendly than other options, as the image needs to be taken in a bright environment so that the pupil is small and the maximum amount of iris is showing. Glasses also can’t be worn when capturing the initial image.

Cloud Based Biometric Access Control

Combining biometric security solutions with cloud-based access control software has an array of advantages over using a traditional on-premise system.

For a start, cloud-based access control offers encrypted, safe storage for your data, which is key when handling personal data such as retina scans and fingerprints. Cloud-based biometric access control is also controllable from anywhere, meaning you don’t have to be in the building to be notified of people entering/exiting the building or sensitive areas within.

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The advantages of Biometric Access Control Systems

High security solution that prevents key / code sharing
Simple and familiar experience for the end user
High degree of accuracy and fast recognition speed
Solutions can be easily integrated into an existing system
Unlike other solutions, biometric doesn’t use keys that can be lost or forgotten
Some biometric solutions can be recognised at up to 2 metres

The advantages of Biometric Access Control Systems

We are an approved Suprema partner

‘Suprema Systems UK Ltd has chosen to work with the OLS team over the past couple of years for a number of reasons.

The clear, focused and energetic nature of their team, from MD, right down to the engineers and office staff, echoes the very same drive and beliefs that has been at the core of the Suprema business since establishing an office in the UK back in 2016.

OLS demonstrate a unique outlook to technology in both the security and workforce management sectors, which sets them apart from the mainstream integrators – this again mirrors the product portfolio Suprema are able to offer them and allows them access to our dedicated UK based technical and customer services.

With the type of attitude that Ollie Law and his team have displayed in our short relationship with them, it is evident that the future of their business, and our partnership, is an exciting one that can only go from strength to strength’

Jamie McMillen, MD Suprema Systems UK Ltd

Biometric access control systems allow you to access buildings and spaces within buildings through various biological data from human beings, for example a fingerprint scanner that recognises your individual fingerprint.

The most common type of biometric access includes fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, heart rate sensors and iris recognition.

They use your fingerprint as a template that translates into a unique number that is stored

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