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Access control that protects the safety of onsite personnel and public

Security metal detectors are usually used at buildings and locations that require visitors and employees to be checked for metallic objects including knives and weapons. They are highly sensitive and have been specifically designed to detect both large and small concealed metallic items containing ferrous metal. The detection indication can either be visual or auditory. You will often see them at airports, prisons, correctional facilities and law enforcement buildings and they are becoming far more common in schools, colleges, public buildings and sports stadiums.

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The advantages of Security Metal Detectors

Stop people with weapons and sharp objects from entering your premises and ensure the onsite safety of your personnel
Helps to create a safe and secure working environment as you can run a quick check on people before they enter your building
You can integrate security metal detectors with existing business management systems
Can be combined with infrared red camera that measures temperature as well as for metal objects

The advantages of Security Metal Detectors

You can combine a temperature and metal detector access control system that uses an electromagnetic field to detect for metal objects and an infrared camera that measures temperature.

As a security metal detector uses a magnetic field to detect metal it cannot be fooled. The only metal that is difficult to detect with a security metal detector is stainless steel because it has low magnetic permeability.

A security metal detector is an access control system that detects the presence of metal, even small objects like razor blades. An electromagnetic field is used to detect the presence of metallic objects passively or actively.

A security metal detector improves your security by not allowing someone access into the building who may be in charge of an offensive weapon such as a gun or a knife thus alleviating onsite incidents.

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