Whether you’re a small business owner looking to secure one facility or an enterprise security executive, Brivo will give you complete control of your security system through remote access. Simplify the security actions for property managers, employees, and visitors by keeping track of your commercial or multi-service office building from anywhere, at any time, with any device, using a cloud-based platform.

Brivo’s cloud-based access control is flexible and dynamic, making the easy remote management of multiple sites a possibility. With its open API and powerful digital tools, you can increase security automation, elevate employee, and tenant experience, and improve the safety of all people and assets within your building.

Company Credentials

Brivo is the original innovator of cloud-based security solutions for commercial buildings. Currently serving over 15 million users and thousands of companies worldwide, Brivo is a trusted access control solution that offers a unified security platform with access control, mobile credentials, mobile administration, video surveillance, identity management, visitor management and elevator control.

With its subscription-based service and complete API platform, Brivo can secure buildings using reliable, convenient, scalable, cyber-hardened technology with custom integrations.

Key Features

Cost Effective

Businesses constantly seek cost-effective ways to prevent downtime, liability, theft, and business disruption. Brivo’s cloud-based physical security solution is ideal for Security Managers with limited IT support and staff, and is more cost-effective than on-premise systems. You can access Brivo with just one recurring expense, a monthly subscription fee that covers all the essential features you will need.

On-premise systems require additional fees for software bug fixes, software licenses and data center operating expenses. This need to buy, deploy, and maintain IT hardware and software is eliminated with a cloud-based solution like Brivo. There are no servers to manage, system set-up is free and software updates are automatic. The software also allows you to leverage scale, expertise, and technical support from SaaS providers.

Cost is further saved by no longer needing to rekey or reissue lost keycards, while time is saved as you no longer have to chase credentials from contractors or consultants after contract completion.

Easy to manage with remote access

With Brivo you can manage all your buildings and assets, across multiple locations, instantly via one single interface. The software can be accessed remotely from anywhere, anytime and from any device, eliminating the need to drive back and forth to different offices. Doors can be locked and unlocked with one touch allowing for easy control of user access, visitors, and deliveries in and out.
Physical access control can be integrated with corporate identity and access management systems, allowing for the automation of sign in and sign out processes as well as onboarding and offboarding. A fully scalable, cloud-based solution, Brivo enables you to add more facilities, doors, users, or remote video surveillance at any time.

Brivo’s mobile app allows you to revoke and reinstate access instantly in the case of an emergency or lost keycard. Physical passes can even be replaced entirely with more secure mobile phone passes.

Video Surveillance

Brivo combines cloud-based access control and remote video surveillance for the ultimate facility control. It allows you to access real-time views of your buildings and retrieve recorded video that has been securely stored in the cloud – both CCTV and video intercom.
Door events can be connected to live or recorded video, meaning you can control access to specific entrances, parking facilities, rooms, and locations, as well as build custom access schedules for colleagues, contractors and visitors based on what you see. Brivo will allow you to gain insight into security data and understand the usage patterns, threats, and abnormal behaviours of people across multiple sites.

Be Cyber Secure

Cyber vulnerabilities will be minimised with Brivo’s access control software. Loss via data theft and breaches will be reduced and with the latest antivirus software on the Brivo server, you can enjoy peace of mind without the responsibility of hosting said software.

Types Of Physical Access Control Best Suited to Brivo

Brivo’s cloud-based solution can provide you with the ability to open doors across multiple locations with just the push of a button on your smartphone using Brivo Mobile Pass (BMP). It uses the fingerprint and facial recognition functionality built into smartphones to protect high security areas; Siri shortcuts can be used when you need a hands-free option.

Everyone within your duty of care can be protected by Brivo Visitor, an automated sign-in experience. Visitors, printing badges that display visitor identification and asking custom visitor questions during sign-in further ensure the safety of your facility.

Brivo Access Cam is a direct camera-to-cloud solution that allows you to keep an eye on your facilities by viewing real-time video on your mobile device as well as linking recorded video clips to important access events.

Types Of Business Best Suited to Brivo

Multi-service Office Buildings

Brivo has all the tools needed to manage an environment and can provide the best security insights for your organisation. Know how many people are on your site and manage limits and regulations with Occupancy Tracking. Understand and manage smart space data with trend analysis and Data Explorer. Remotely issue or deactivate credentials, keys, and fobs with mobile credentials and remotely view onsite activity with video surveillance.

Hybrid Workplace

Security begins with access control, and when security is not always present, the ‘in-office’ and remote working combination presents challenges for companies and property managers. The remote management of access control protects people and properties in this situation.

Vacation Rental

Brivo can deliver the security and convenience to help you improve property management. You can increase revenue, prevent damage, and create a seamless guest experience using one dashboard with status views that allow you to filter and pinpoint specific units, ensuring each are secure.

API and Integrations

Brivo is an open platform for access control. It integrates with top providers across every area of business with a large selection of access control API partners, these include legacy systems and peripheral hardware. You can easily bring Brivo mobile credentials into your end-user application for a unified user experience and build custom solutions for your property. Security can be further enhanced with access control and video surveillance integration. Brivo offers unified security that enables remote facility monitoring to safeguard your buildings and people.

Brivo Access is offered in three editions so you can choose the package that best suits your needs.


The gold standard for access control, this is Brivo’s base edition and includes the essential tools to secure your facilities access including event tracking, user and credential management, facility lockdown and video surveillance. The Standard edition is a great entry-level solution with core functionality and add-on capabilities.


This edition is the most popular for effective security. It includes all the core components of the Standard edition with additional features like trend analysis, extended data retention, occupancy tracking, visitor management, Brivo Snapshot and more that enhance security management across all facilities and locations.


This edition is built for enterprises that manage many access points across multiple locations. An enterprise-grade complete solution that can scale quickly and simplify security across all facilities. Admins gain visibility across their facility with Global View and can proactively act with insights from Data Explorer.

If you think your organisation could benefit from a cloud-based access and video management solution like Brivo, OLS can help you install and maintain the software, alongside providing our continued support should you need it. Contact us via our website.