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Why migrate to mobile credential access control

Mobile credential access control is transforming how people access the spaces they work and live in by elevating access control into the cloud, securely connecting physical spaces with the online ones we use every day. This completely cloud-based, mobile-first access control solution means you no longer require on-site servers and there is no software to update. The latest version and updates are installed automatically. Not only does this simplify the installation process, but it also reduces up-front costs and eliminates limits on scalability.

Administrators can manage one site or many from anywhere and at any time, no matter how many  locations, users, or access levels, via one cloud-based server. The user-friendly, optimised system allows you to manage users one at a time or in large batches, granting or revoking authorisation instantly. Accessing doors with a mobile credential like Airfob Space is simple. Tap your mobile phone, with the credential required, to the reader at the door and access will be granted.

Mobile access credentials are more secure than physical cards. Lost, stolen or borrowed cards and inconvenient on-premise access control systems are replaced with the convenience and connectivity of the cloud.

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Gym and Member driven organisations

Mobile credential access control is ideal for gyms, private clubs, self-storage, and other member driven businesses. Administrators can manage multiple sites from anywhere at any time via an Internet-connected device. The flexibility of this solution allows members 24/7 access and automated check-in, without the issue of forgetting or losing their card, as they gain access via their mobile.

A mobile credential access control system, like Airfob Space, can benefit your business with increased efficiency and improved security. Quickly and easily grant and revoke access when needed. The security risk of lost or stolen cards, as well as the cost to replace them, will be greatly reduced as advanced encryption and authentication ensure only authorised users can gain access. With an unlimited number of users and readers available, you can easily scale your solution to fit the needs of your facility. This can be further customised to allow members into different areas based on their membership plan.

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Schools and Universities

Schools and universities choose mobile credential access control to improve security, convenience, and the overall educational experience. Everything can be managed within one cloud-based server, from doors, readers, and users to monitoring access to academic buildings, student housing and other campus facilities. With its user-friendly interface, access control systems like Airfob Space, allow students, staff, and personnel to access classrooms and resources easily via their phones. Selective access ensures that not everyone has the same access to certain areas. Doors can be automatically unlocked before class begins and locked once the class ends. Information can be updated immediately for students following the class as Airfob Space can be integrated with other cloud-connected software or apps.

Cost effective, flexible, and scalable for education facilities of all sizes. Mobile credential access control means minimal maintenance costs, as there is no need to invest in expensive hardware and software; and no cost to replace physical keys and cards that have been lost or stolen.

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Hotels and vacation rentals can benefit massively from mobile credential access control. Guests, staff, and maintenance personnel all require different levels of access. Vacation rentals often suffer from a lack of check-in counter or owners unavailable to hand over keys. Mobile credential access control is a secure, cloud-based solution that eliminates the need to hide keys or change codes every time a guest checks out.

Mobile credential access control is compatible with most existing digital door locks that use plastic key cards, providing an instant upgrade. Administrators can remotely manage all doors, grant, or revoke access immediately, and manage multiple sites from one backend management system. Mobile key cards can be automatically distributed directly to a guest’s phone as soon as their room is ready to be accessed. Check-out is also faster and more convenient. The Airfob Space mobile credential access control can be integrated seamlessly with cloud-based hotel and property management solutions, creating automated flows to efficiently manage processes and enhance guest experience.

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Offices and Workspaces

Mobile credential access control is built with the modern workplace, hybrid-flexible work, and worker experience in mind. The cloud-based solutions provided by Airfob Space offer greater convenience, security, and flexibility to the access control of your offices. Administrators can immediately issue and revoke credentials remotely. Visitors can be pre-authorised or distributed with a temporary mobile access card that only opens specific doors at specific times.

Unlimited users and readers allow you to scale the solution to meet your business needs. For companies with multiple branches, as access roles are stored in the cloud, it’s easy to manage employees and guests across all properties via an Internet-connected device. Key cards are easily lost and stolen. Airfob Space helps reduce or eliminate the risk of using physical key cards by providing convenient, affordable, and secure mobile credentials. This reduces the time HR and facilities staff spend re-issuing physical cards as mobile credentials can be re-issued within minutes.

The advantages of Mobile Credential Access Control

100% cloud-based mobile credential access control system
Limitless scalability for one site or across multiple sites
Integrates seamlessly with existing workplace apps and access controls
Easy to install with low upfront costs
No more headaches from buddy punching, lost and stolen key cards
No onsite servers are required and no software to maintain

The advantages of Mobile Credential Access Control

Airfob Space is a complete access control solution that allows you to manage devices, users, and access levels entirely in the cloud. This system can stand alone as a cloud service, without the need for on-site servers. This simple solution offers less maintenance, no need for door controllers and simplified installation.

The app doesn’t require you to sigh up. However, when you first run the app after downloading it, you will be required to authenticate yourself.

Yes, the Airfob Space app can store multiple mobile cards. Only one mobile card can be issued per site, but it is possible to keep multiple copies of mobile cards from different sites.

If a user changes their mobile phone, they need to request and download a new mobile card. The site administrator will need to be contacted to issue a new mobile card, as if for the first time.

No, there are no limits on the number of devices or users on a site.

To manage the access control server in the cloud, you will require a network connection for it to function, doors can still be opened using the Airfob Space app, without a network connection. Under Site Settings is an option to Set Max Offline Time which is how long a user’s phone can be disconnected from the network, and still have valid credentials. A shorter time is more secure, a longer time more convenient. The app requires an active network connection at least once in the time period set to remain valid.

Time and attendance (T&A) and access can be used together or independently. Some people only use Airfob Space for T&A, some only for access, some for both. The system is completely scalable to your unique business needs.

There is no limit to the number of administrators you can have. Credentials issued to administrators are the same as credentials issued to normal users.

Yes we can support integration with fire and alarm systems.

Airfob Space is a stand alone cloud service that doenst need any on-site servers. It allows you to manage devives, users and acces levels entirely in the cloud, meaning less maintenance and no need for door controllers.

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