The emergence of smart meter technology to know the KW per hour charge has brought about a greater understanding of energy use, but can we accurately assess the cost per person in a building? While numerous formulas and algorithms exist, being able to leverage real, authentic data will lead to real, tangible results.

Hybrid Working Post-COVID

Picture this: Twelve months after the COVID lockdown, a Managing Director of a large PLC steps into one of his call centre spaces. What greets him are sparsely populated desks, a board of calls being answered and a person online monitoring software. There is a sense of business as usual, but without the hustle and bustle of employees.

“Where is everyone?” queries the MD. The response? “During COVID, you granted employees the option to work from home. Since then, we’ve created a hybrid working environment, the office isn’t used as much, only on designated days.” The MD’s mind starts to race, “How much is this costing us?”

Later that day, the MD finds his inbox inundated with reports: exports from the ERP system, financial records, utility bills, rental expenses, general building costs, and insights from their access control system, detailing the entry/exit logs and utilisation times of the building.

These real-time reports from the access control system allowed the company to capture accurate, purposeful data that they could input into their business cost modelling and ERP system. This enabled them to add to their business analytics and view more accurate costs per building, per head and even per room.

Cloud-Based Access Control

With robust API’s you can seamlessly export required information and populate third party hardware, eliminating the need for manual reporting and CSV spreadsheets. This not only reduces human error, but also streamlines administrative tasks, saving valuable time.

OLS’ cloud-based access control platforms are seamless integrations built by our in-house development team. Gone are the days of cumbersome servers, SQL databases and additional IT infrastructure, now your information is readily available where and when you need it, enabling you to make informed decisions as your business expands and evolves. By harnessing cloud-based access control solutions, you’re not just managing doors and security but revolutionising the management of your entire business.

There is now a project underway to evaluate all sites in the UK and Ireland, with the aim of replicating this approach, fully integrating all sites for business analytics and data reporting. This will help businesses optimise efficiency, reduce costs and drive growth.