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Switch your access control to the cloud and manage your businesses security systems from one single centralised system on an internet-connected device

We understand that access control cloud migration sounds daunting and that if you have historically used onsite infrastructure to store your data the prospect of moving from an in-house system to a cloud-based set up can seem ominous. OLS specialise in transitioning customers to the Cloud having managed this for many clients across a range of industries and sectors since 2009. We have a detailed data plan for migration that we can guide you through to ensure a hassle-free transition to the cloud.

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The advantages of

Access Control Cloud Migration

More secure than on premise access control systems as updates and firmware patching is done automatically
Ongoing cost savings as onsite server hardware is no longer required
Cloud migration enables the option for scalability based around your key business requirements
Access to data is always available and not dependant on a physical machine
Easier to manage, quick to deploy and easy to use without any extensive training or expert knowledge
Can usually upgrade from the current legacy system meaning you can keep existing control readers and access cards

The advantages of

Access Control Cloud Migration

OLS will help you make your transition to the cloud as seamless as possible. We have a detailed data plan for migration that we can guide you through to ensure a hassle-free transition.

The cloud provider is responsible for security of the cloud which includes Microsoft Azure Data Centre and secure request tokens within integration and tunnelling of secure connections. It is also penetration tested and validated by Vanderbilt as well as being GDPR compliant.

Yes, you pay a monthly software fee.

There are six key steps for Cloud Migration which include:

  1. Determine the migration architect role
  2. Establish the level of cloud integration
  3. Decide on a single or multiple cloud system
  4. Agree the cloud KPI’s & performance baselines
  5. Prioritise migration components
  6. Refactoring

At OLS we make this process simple and will guide you all of the way.

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