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Modern gym access control allows for streamlined processes, member control and tracking.

By introducing access control systems into your gym, you can fully manage access and security, as well as monitor memberships via one integrated system. This means less administration is required, security is enhanced, data is always up to date, and the risk of human error is reduced as you no longer need to manually input data.

With modern access control, when a new member signs up or a membership expires, the security and access control of your gym, along with membership details and information, can be updated in one simple process. Gym access control solutions also allow you to make sense of how your gym is being used. Real-time logs and reports based on member patterns and behaviours allow you to improve the utilisation of your space and services.

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Types Of Access Control For Gyms

door entry

Door Entry Systems

There are many types of access control. Stand-alone access control is the simplest, whereby all the equipment required to secure your office is in the door. Access is granted via a predetermined code entered into a keypad, by scanning a card or fob, or providing a biometric terminal.

Card or key fob access is common as they are inexpensive and easy to use. Data can also be collected, allowing you to control numerous elements and assign personal profiles to each employee. Biometric readers require employees to use facial or fingerprint credentials to gain entry, making it virtually impossible for trespassers to gain unauthorised access.

mobile access control

Mobile Credentials

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Mobile access control allows devices like smartphones and smartwatches to be used instead of key cards or fobs. With an access control app, like Airfob Space, a member can simply tap their device, with the credential required, onto the reader at the door to gain access.

Connected to a secure management dashboard, you can instantly grant, disable, and manage permissions from anywhere at any time, whilst providing easy access to the areas and equipment a member has paid for. Mobile access credentials are more secure than physical cards as you don’t run the risk of them being lost, stolen or borrowed. This in turn will save you on the cost of distributing new cards.

turnstile access control


Turnstiles are physical barriers that prevent visitors from unauthorised entry. Tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, and speed gates or interlocking doors can all incorporate access cards or key fob readers to refuse entry to non-paying members. Turnstiles with attendance tracking systems can record entry and exit times, helping monitor attendance patterns, identify peak hours and evaluate service popularity.

car park barrier

Car Park Barriers

Restricting access to your gyms parking facilities will reduce the risk of unauthorised parking or loitering. Barriers will discourage non-members from using gym parking and ensure that spaces are available for paying customers only. Car park barriers can also be integrated with access control systems, allowing for the seamless management of parking access permissions and security measures.

How Cloud Access Control Benefits Gyms

Cloud access control provides an advanced level of physical security. You can remotely control and manage your gym via an integrated security system that uses a single off-site server. You can control all doors and set up different security parameters that allow multiple levels of access.

The system can also report on how many times an area has been accessed, by whom and at what time. With a host of reporting functionalities, the system can identify visitors, check payment details, manage membership privileges, track who has been where at what time and day, facilitate fire mustering reports and more.

OLS Connect, our custom-built cloud-based integration platform, works with existing gym management systems, is fully customisable to your individual gym requirements, and works with both API and flat file integrations. This means that if you already have a legacy door entry system in place, we can integrate and migrate your solution to the cloud.

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The Advantages Of Gym Access Control Systems

Integrates seamlessly with existing third-party gym management solutions so you can manage everything from one integrated platform.
Fully customisable to your gym’s requirements, working with both API and flat file integrations hosted in the cloud.
Reduces staffing and operational costs with less admin time, only one system to update and automated access into your gym.
Flexible and scalable software can be seamlessly integrated for one site or across multiple sites.
Improved customer service and gym member retention as staff spend more time helping and training customers than policing who is entering and leaving the facility.
Real-time data and insights about visitor usage will allow you to forward plan for peak and off-peak times.

The Advantages Of Gym Access Control Systems

Gym Access Control Services

gym entry system

Gym Entry Systems

Gym members hold safety and security as an important factor in their decision to join a gym. Implementing gym entry systems will contribute to a safer environment by controlling access and preventing unauthorised entry. By enhancing the quality of the safety and service that your facility provides, you will benefit from higher member satisfaction and retention rates.

With a user-friendly, optimised system like Airfob Space, you will have the ability to manage users one at a time or in large batches, granting or revoking authorisation instantly. Having an entry system that takes care of admin tasks will result in increased efficiency. With the ability to easily scale the solution to fit the needs of your facility, you can extend your working hours or even consider a 24/7 automated gym experience. You can also gain valuable data and analytics that will help your gym better understand members’ behaviour and patterns to optimise operations.

fob access

Gym Key Fob Systems

Gym members value convenience and ease of access. Key fob systems provide a streamlined check-in process that allows members quick access to the facility, without the need for manual verification. When integrated with membership management software, you can easily track membership status, renewal dates, and payment information. Member entry and exit times can be tracked, providing valuable data on facility usage patterns, peak hours and member attendance. By analysing this data, you can optimise staffing, equipment availability, facility scheduling and classes, improving your operational efficiency and member satisfaction. A positive member experience can lead to higher member satisfaction and retention rates. Satisfied members are more likely to renew their memberships and recommend their gym to others.

Gym owners often report decreased instances of unauthorised access after implementing a key fob system. Our preferred solution, Airfob Pro, will allow you to manage all your sites remotely, improving efficiency and freeing up on-site staff for more useful tasks. With automated check-ins, you can be flexible in your opening hours and make your gym more appealing to members with busy schedules. Access can be customised to give members access to private rooms for workouts or other facilities based on their membership plan.

There are many benefits of gym access control systems, the main being the increased security it offers your gym. Other benefits include increased ease of access, the ability to track and monitor who enters and leaves your gym, it stops any non-members or unwanted visitors from entering, and enables you to comply with regulations and health and safety standards.

Gym access control systems give you complete control over who enters your gym and/or specific areas within your gym. A preconfigured door lock system is attached to your door that only allows entry when someone enters or scans the predetermined credentials (code, tag, ID card, biometric profile). They can also provide detailed reports on how members move through your gym at the touch of a button.

Simple and easy to manage with training provided, our gym management systems provide ongoing cost savings on administration time, due to its automated processes and single interface. You will no longer need to manually input data onto multiple systems or spend time correcting errors. Everything will be available to you from anywhere at any time via the cloud.

Yes, it will grow with your business as gym memberships increase and can operate over both single and multi-site gym facilities, allowing both individual access and multiple site access.

No, we provide a survey to determine what needs upgrading and oftentimes, we can integrate our solutions with your current systems. Bespoke integrations can be built with your existing booking system through either an API or flat file integration. We will provide you with the details of our findings once the site audit is complete.

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