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Cloud access control with an intuitive system that needs minimum onsite infrastructure

Unlike an onsite access control system that needs a server connected to a computer that houses the access control software, a hosted or cloud-based system moves the server from your business into the cloud. OLS offers a valuable access control solution with an intuitive cloud-based system that needs minimum on-site infrastructure giving you remote access and instant management to protect your company. Whether you are looking to make your workplace more secure or comply with required industry security standards, we have the right cloud based access control solution for your business.

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Physical Cloud Access Control Systems

fingerprint access control

Biometric Systems

Cloud access control compliments biometric systems by allowing you to easily add, remove or upgrade permissions for specific users or biometric access methods.

It offers unrivalled monitoring, meaning you’re able to see who has entered what part of the building, as well as monitor the method that they gained access with.

As always cloud access control is scalable, meaning your biometric access control system can grow alongside your business.

door entry access control

Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are a perfect pairing with cloud access control, as it allows close monitoring from wherever you are.

Keep a close eye on who enters / exits from the building, without having to physically be there. Perfect for multi-location businesses or those that work from home.

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turnstile access control

Turnstile Systems

Turnstiles are brilliant for high-traffic buildings that need to allow access to a lot of visitors at a high speed.

Monitor, record and control the entry and exit into your premises to both visitors and employees.

With OLS Connect, we can ensure your new access control systems integrate seamlessly with your current management systems through our bespoke integration process.

barrier access control

Barrier Systems

Whether you’re looking to prevent unwanted access completely or use barriers as a means to control traffic flow, barrier access control is the perfect solution for any business that has vehicles coming in and out of the premises.

We can also implement ANPR cameras for an unrivalled level of automation and smoothness.

Mobile Access Control

A convenient, secure, and modern form of access control

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. They are shaping different systems we use, not only to connect with people but to manage our lives and businesses as well. Mobile Access Control allows devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets to be used instead of key cards or key fobs, to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more. Connected to a secure management dashboard, you can instantly grant, disable, and manage permissions from anywhere at any time.

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The Cloud Access Control Software We Provide

act365 logo

ACT365 Cloud Access Control Software

ACT365 is a complete, scalable cloud based platform that allows you to remotely manage single and multiple locations from one connected device. It works with a wide range of physical access control systems including video surveillance, speed lanes, barriers and biometric systems.

ACT365 is best suited to SME’s, sports clubs, construction sites and multi-location businesses.

moca system logo

Airfob Cloud Access Control Software

Airfob is transforming the way people gain entry into access points in business across the world. As a mobile-first access control solution, Airfob doesn’t require on-site servers and there is no software to update the system.

Airfob benefits from built-in support for time and attendance (T&A) tracking, dynamic access levels, holiday groups and roles, as well as integrated visitor registration, meeting room and hot desk management.

The advantages of Cloud Access Control

Access from anywhere, anytime and on any device (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone)
No IT investment or headaches as everything is accessed and managed through the internet
Real time Muster Reporting on any device so no need to wait for an emergency list to print
If you have multiple sites you can manage all sites from a single, unified interface
You can upscale and downscale the features of the system as required
No server maintenance or upgrades required which results in lower operating costs

The advantages of Cloud Access Control

The cloud refers to offsite servers located in data centres all over the world where you can store, manage, and process data that can be accessed through the internet anytime from anywhere and any device.

Wanting to know more about the cloud? We’ve got a full article detailing the key benefits of cloud access control.

Cloud service providers not only place data security as a top priority, there is also limited risk of any unauthorised access to the physical storage or any building security breaches to consider.

Your data is stored, managed, maintained, and backed up remotely on offsite servers based in Azure data centres that are located all over the world and are GDPR compliant.

Cloud data storage companies tend to have far more robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect your data, although no service is 100% fool proof.

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