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Access control with an intuitive cloud based system that needs minimum onsite infrastructure

Unlike an onsite access control system that needs a server connected to a computer that houses the access control software, a hosted or cloud-based system moves the server from your business into the cloud. OLS offers a valuable access control solution with an intuitive cloud-based system that needs minimum on-site infrastructure giving you remote access and instant management to protect your company. Whether you are looking to make your workplace more secure or comply with required industry security standards, we have the right cloud based access control solution for your business.

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The advantages of

Cloud Access Control

Access from anywhere, anytime and on any device (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone)
No IT investment or headaches as everything is accessed and managed through the internet
Real time Muster Reporting on any device so no need to wait for an emergency list to print
If you have multiple sites you can manage all sites from a single, unified interface
You can upscale and downscale the features of the system as required
No server maintenance or upgrades required which results in lower operating costs

The advantages of

Cloud Access Control

The cloud refers to offsite servers located in data centres all over the world where you can store, manage, and process data that can be accessed through the internet anytime from anywhere and any device.

Cloud service providers not only place data security as a top priority, there is also limited risk of any unauthorised access to the physical storage or any building security breaches to consider.

Your data is stored, managed, maintained, and backed up remotely on offsite servers based in Azure data centres that are located all over the world and are GDPR compliant.

Cloud data storage companies tend to have far more robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect your data, although no service is 100% fool proof.

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