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Manage and control the access and security of busy entrances with high throughput

Speed Lanes are the ultimate solution if you are looking to control access but need to enhance throughput on busy entrances. They allow for a continuous flow of traffic as they allow people to walk through at pace with an inbuilt mechanism that stops tailgating and unauthorised access. Multiple Speed lanes can be fitted to work with the projected traffic flow of your building to ensure smooth entry in and out. They are often seen in large commercial buildings, gyms, stations, airports, and food factories.

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Mobile Access Control

A convenient, secure, and modern form of access control

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. They are shaping different systems we use, not only to connect with people but to manage our lives and businesses as well. Mobile Access Control allows devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets to be used instead of key cards or key fobs, to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more. Connected to a secure management dashboard, you can instantly grant, disable, and manage permissions from anywhere at any time.

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The advantages of

Speed Lanes

Prevents tailgating which is one of the primary reasons for installing as they have an inbuilt mechanism that stops tailgating and unauthorised access
Controls access into your building but allows people to enter into your building at pace as well as protecting against unauthorised access
Quick to process people, as the name gives away which is often one of the crucial aspects for key industries that handle a high traffic volume at any one time
Integrates with multiple 3rd party devices. These can include ID cards and badges, biometric facial and fingerprint recognition as well as integrating with existing building management systems
Modern and sleek design. Speed Lanes are available in a number of designs and finishes ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing and work within your current premises design and look
Reduced operational costs and low maintenance costs that are easy to operate with comprehensive control

The advantages of

Speed Lanes

The main benefits to implementing Speed Lanes for business security are as follows:

  • Stops tailgating
  • Record & control access to employees and visitors
  • Allows for a smooth flow of traffic

A speed lane is a security barrier that allows you to control access into your building but enables a smooth flow of traffic as it allows people to enter at pace as well as protecting against unauthorised entry through tailgating.

The average throughput into your building will enable us to determine the number of lanes that you require. We will advise on this during our site inspection.

A speed lane entrance system allows passage in both directions. An authorised signal from the access control system opens the barrier gate which is usually a glass or plastic panel and allows access. The user’s movement is monitored via photo electric safety screens and as soon as they are passed through the barrier gate closes.

A speed lane is an effective entry control system that ensures you only allow access to authorised people into your building as it has an inbuilt function that stops tailgating.

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