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Software to help control, secure and manage your workplace with ease

Bring your workplace up to date with the latest Front-of-House technology. Our Core Visitor and Contractor Visitor Management Systems can improve your team’s efficiency and communication. Visitor management systems allow you to keep track of the people that come and go from your workplace. You can record who the person is, what type of visitor they are, when they arrived, when they left and how often they visit. Being able to manage your visitors and contractors in this quick and efficient way will save your business valuable time and money.

Centralised visitor management will also help monitor workplaces in multiple locations, deploy to new sites and standardise your processes. Our team can customise this software to suit your unique requirements.

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Core Visitor Management System

Your front desk is your first line of defense against unwanted or unapproved visitors, so it’s important to always know who is onsite, when, and why. With our Core Visitor Management System, you can fully monitor and allow only approved guests into your workplace.

Streamline your visitor check-in process with our comprehensive cloud-based visitor management software, SkyVisitor. View and log dynamic lists of expected, arrived, and departed visitors, pre-register visits and produce statistical reports to monitor activity such as trends, volumes, no-shows and more. Our Core Visitor Management System will save you and your business time by assigning pass numbers, keys, and other items to be returned at the end of the visit, whilst also being able to quickly register and process ad-hoc visitors.

This powerful access control system is widely used in front of house receptions, corporate receptions, stadiums, arenas, healthcare sites, food manufacturing and handling, site security and back of house industries. Gone are the days of printing and filing paper documents, handwriting badges, or tracking down employees when their guests arrive. You can automatically send details and verify or sign documents ahead of time and alert employees when their visitors arrive.

Contractor Visitor Management System

It’s every company’s responsibility to ensure contractors are properly checked before and when they arrive on site for health and safety compliance. Poor management can lead to injury, ill health, additional costs, and delays.

The SafeWorks solution is a module that can be added to the Core Visitor Management System. Here, you can pre-plan contractor arrivals by issuing emails in advance including questionnaires for completion, data share, induction information and permit reviews. Long term and call-out contractors can be given a code for future visits and out of hours attendance. By issuing area restricted passes and increasing access control with pin codes, RFID cards and Mobile credentials you can improve building security. The custom reporting system allows you to monitor the frequency of contractor visits and how long they’ve been on site for.

Typically, there is a lot of paperwork associated with contractor management which can lead to delays in work being completed and inaccuracies of information. By using our Contractor Visitor Management System, you can identify and register contractors, issue inductions, request documentation, manage authorisation, permits to work, and keep an accurate audit trail with just a couple of clicks.

The advantages of Visitor Management Access Control

Fast and efficient, streamlined visitor check-in process that utilizes secure QR codes and mobile credentials
Increase security with the ability to pre-register and track visitors, contractors, and employees
Secure cloud-based access control solution means data can be stored without needing additional paperwork
Custom reporting system to monitor frequency of visits, peak visiting times and forgotten staff passes
Centralised visitor management monitors workplaces in multiple locations, deploy to new sites and standardise processes
By adding SafeWorks to your solution, contractor visits can be pre-planned, and documentation requested and saved

The advantages of Visitor Management Access Control

No, with a centralised visitor management system based in the cloud, you can access the software via the secure dashboard from anywhere at any time.

Yes, our system offers ContactFree QR and Mobile ID check-in for visitors, staff and deliveries.

Our visitor management system can be customised to suit your needs. Area restricted passes can be created, and secure pin codes or fingerprint biometrics can be used to ensure access to certain areas is only given to the appropriate people.

Yes, we can integrate the visitor management system with existing access control systems.

The system can be set up to include multiple tenant locations, access passes to certain areas and secure QR scanners for express check outs.

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