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Need help understanding your businesses security needs & compliance requirements? Arrange a free audit for your business and existing systems.

ACT365 is fully compatible and can be integrated with your system.

Yes if the same access control system is used on each site and the same type of access cards (identical built in technology) These can also be programmed onto the same software and a cloud based solution is recommended for this type of requirement.

Yes the upper weight limit can be adjusted if required, this isn’t advised however due to the system being designed to detect if 2 people are trying to access the pod to gain entry. If the weight limit is increased, this can affect the system detecting dual use.

Yes with the correct app downloaded you can view both live images and also recorded.

Yes they are reliable as we only specify verified and tested kit with the correct frequencies used. The only downside is you always have to have line of site from point to point (buildings and trees can be an issue) and sometimes, on rare occasions, if high sided vehicles pass or park in front of the devices the signal can drop. OLS install many of these systems and can confirm that in general they work very well if the design is correct which is something we always pride ourselves on.

Yes, if there are spare inputs on the recording device if not, you could purchase a bigger one or add another one to the system.

Yes, a door can be released from a handset located anywhere on the premises and this can also be done via an app depending on the system.

Yes, you can mix and match video and audio intercoms on one system and have them going back to a required amount of handsets to release the selected door.

Depending on what option you go for, there would be minimal disruption and cabling especially if the system is network based.

Yes as a timer can be programmed to open/close for required times and durations. This is particularly useful for points where a heavy flow of traffic is present such as shift changes or at the start and the end of a working day when higher volumes of staff and transport are passing through.

Yes, clean/wipe them at least once a week.

Yes, you can add as many as you require.

Yes we adjust the time frame to suit customers needs.

The common requirements for our clients are Health & Safety, process management, ease of access to a report through and app, self-accounting for users for a swifter process and reduced mustering time after evacuation.

This is all dependant upon a site survey, but depending on the client’s requirements, it can take as little as a day. This is a full turnkey solution provided via OLS.

We work with the end user to define the risk assessment for site, and current measures in place to determine the requirements of the new system.

The OLS team will provide training and support the end user during the implementation of the system. They will also be assigned a dedicated project manager and training documentation.

The implementation will be led by the project manager assigned to the client.

Yes, however a site visit will be required to adjust this depending on the manufacturer of the turnstile. OLS can provide a cost for this service upon request.

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