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A simple but effective form of access control security

Cloud based door entry systems allow you to easily grant access to authorised personnel and add a layer of security to keep out unwanted visitors. A huge benefit to door entry systems is how customisable they are, you have a choice of a range of access options including keypads, intercoms, card swipe systems and many other combinations. The control panels are designed to withstand all types of weather, which makes them perfect for use either inside or outside the building.

There are many benefits to cloud access control, we review 11 of the key benefits here!

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Keypad Access Control System

One of the most simple solutions for access control, keypads allow you to set a code that has to be entered before the door will open and is perfect for smaller organisations who don’t have the capacity to assign individual key cards.

As with all access control systems, one of the biggest advantages to keypad systems is the convenience for the end user. No longer do they have to search for their keys to unlock the door and there’s no risk of being locked out if you’ve forgotten your keys at home.

Keypads can also be used alongside regular deadbolts to provide an additional layer of security.

Intercom Access Control System

The next step up from keypads, intercoms allow you to speak to the person trying to gain access before opening the door. Intercoms can include both audio and visual capabilities to allow you to be 100% sure on who you’re speaking to.

Intercoms provide fantastic security for any building as even if someone knew the code for the building, they still wouldn’t be able to enter unless authorised by somebody inside. This eliminates any risk of access by unauthorised personnel.

Card Swipe Systems

Finally, the most advanced level of door access control is card swipe / card entry systems. These systems allow you to assign a unique card to a specific individual and restrict their access to only the areas of the building that they need to be in.

The concept of the card entry system is very simple, a user will swipe or tap their card on the reader and if they are allowed access to that part of the building, the door will open. This can be useful for larger buildings where everyone needs access to the front door, however only certain individuals require access to restricted areas of the building.

Access privileges can be easily upgraded or downgraded at any point.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our new blog – What is cloud based access control?

Cloud-Based Door Access Control

Door entry systems and cloud-based access control go hand in hand. If your business needs reliability, security and scalability from your access control, then cloud-based is the solution for you.

Cloud-based access control gives greater reliability as the system is hosted on multiple servers, rather than one centralised in your building. This makes your system much more resilient and less prone to downtime.

Cloud-based access control is also scalable as your business grows. Need to add additional door entry solutions or track more data than before? Easy! The cloud-based access control system can process as much data as you need, without the cost of additional hardware.

We’ve broken down the key differences between on-premise and cloud-based access control here.

Mobile Access Control

A convenient, secure, and modern form of access control

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. They are shaping different systems we use, not only to connect with people but to manage our lives and businesses as well. Mobile Access Control allows devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets to be used instead of key cards or key fobs, to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more. Connected to a secure management dashboard, you can instantly grant, disable, and manage permissions from anywhere at any time.

Find out more about Mobile Access Control

The advantages of Door Access Control Systems

Hard wearing access panels suitable for indoor and outdoor use
HD cameras allow you to clearly see who is trying to gain access
Access can be easily and instantly customised to the individual person
Door entry solutions can be easily integrated into an existing system
Improved user experience that is convenient and efficient

The advantages of Door Access Control Systems

There are many options to choose from including audio intercom, video, and keypad. We can help you determine the best solution to work for your business.

A communal door system is a great solution for securing a shared entrance, whether it is a multi-tenanted office, school, or residential accommodation these systems can handle permissions from multiple people and offices as well as preventing unauthorised access to the building.

Both options can be integrated into a door entry system. With the Video intercom entry phone, you have the ability to see the person and or view their ID badges and accreditations before admitting entry. Some video entry systems even allow you to record and save the footage. An audio intercom system only allows for voice communication between the call station and the handsets.

If you want a system that gives you the flexibility to control your buildings access remotely and from either your phone or tablet, then an App based system is the right choice for you giving you the benefit of being able to check your cameras 24/7 and open your doors even if you’re not on premise.

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