An approved ACRE Partner since 2018, OLS achieved Gold Partnership status when it was Vanderbilt, before being promoted to the UKs only Diamond Partner in 2024, under the new ACRE banner. To celebrate their Gold and Diamond Partners from across Europe, ACRE presented 5 awards that acknowledged the exceptional contributions and commitment their partners have shown in reshaping security and driving innovation. Held in Prague was a day of seminars before the award ceremony and networking commenced across 48 partners of ACRE’s global cloud security landscape.

To win the award, OLS had to prove they were a leading partner for selling, promoting, and advocating ACRE Security Cloud SaaS products as the go-to solutions with end users and customers. They also had to prove they used ACRE Security as the driving force to provide cloud-based access control solutions across all markets and industries.

Ollie Law, Owner, Founder and CEO of OLS said: “We have really grown as a business over recent years and are overjoyed to win this award. Being recognised as a leader in Cloud SaaS solutions, against 7 other nominees, is a testament to our teams ongoing advancements in the world of cloud-based access control systems and integrations. We are incredibly proud of how far we have come.”

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