Transform your access control with a convenient, secure access credential, like Airfob. Mobile credential access control solutions are transforming how people access the spaces they work and live in by elevating the software into the cloud and allowing people to securely connect to physical spaces with the online ones they use every day.

Gaining access with a mobile credential like Airfob is easy and more secure than using physical cards. Airfob replaces inconvenient on-premise access control systems with the convenience and connectivity of the cloud. Everything can be managed via a mobile and apps, including scalability, security, and accountability.

Key Features & Credentials

A cloud-based, mobile-first access control solution, Airfob doesn’t require on-site servers and there is no software to update. The latest version and updates are installed automatically. Administrators can manage one site or multiple from anywhere at any time, no matter how many locations, users, or access levels, via one cloud-based server. This user-friendly, optimised system allows the management of users both one at a time, or in large batches, granting or revoking authorisation instantly.

Airfob benefits from built-in support for Time & Attendance (T&A) tracking, dynamic access levels, holiday groups and roles, as well as integrated visitor registration, meeting room and hot desk management. It can integrate with your workplace app or ERP suite with API and SDK, allows you to use the same credentials for wired access readers and wireless door locks, provides instant alerts of security breaches and detailed usage insights. Unlimited users and readers mean the solution can be scaled to meet individual business needs.

There is no need for door controllers with Airfob as their readers and battery-powered door locks act as controllers as well, verifying credentials and commanding doors to open. This not only simplifies installation, but it also reduces up-front costs and eliminates limits on scalability.

API and Integrations

Airfob Engine API and SDK allows Airfob to integrate with your existing cloud-connected software or apps, including Time & Attendance (T&A), payroll, workplace experience, hospitality management, meeting room booking, fire & alarm systems, space utilisation, payments, and more. Existing software like these can be used together with access control, or independently from one another. Airfob is completely scalable to your unique business needs.

This mobile credential access control solution is also compatible to most digital door locks. If you currently have digital door locks that work with plastic cards, Airfob can provide an instant upgrade.

Types Of Business & Physical Access Control Best Suited to Airfob

Airfob is a hassle-free access control solution for businesses of any size. Its cloud-based infrastructure doesn’t require any on-site servers and is scalable across multiple branches. There is no limit to how many mobile access cards can be issued, and the solution can be integrated with existing cloud-connected software or apps. Any business can benefit from Airfob, but it is particularly useful for:

Flexible/Hybrid Office and Coworking Spaces

With Airfob’s unique cloud-based infrastructure and contactless mobile credentials, it provides an efficient and convenient way to manage access control for flexible/hybrid offices and coworking spaces. Mobile credential access control is built with the modern workplace and worker experience in mind. Key cards are easily lost or stolen, Airfob helps to reduce this risk by providing convenient, affordable, and secure mobile credentials. People always carry their phones so not only does it save on the cost of re-issuing cards, but it also reduces time wasted by HR and Facilities staff who can now re-issue a mobile credential within minutes.

For companies with multiple branches, employees and visitors across all properties can be managed via an internet-connected device. Administrators can immediately issue and revoke credentials remotely, and visitors can be pre-authorised or distributed with a temporary mobile access card that only opens specific doors at specific times.

Gyms and Membership-Based Organisations

Member-driven organisations and gyms can offer a convenient, secure, and flexible experience to their members whilst ensuring that only those who are up to date on payments can access the space. Airfob provides businesses with an unlimited number of users and readers that can be scaled to suit the facility’s needs. This can be further customised to allow members into different areas based on their membership plan. Administrators’ can manage multiple sites remotely – granting and revoking access quickly and easily.

Airfob is fully flexible and can allow members 24/7 access and automated check-in via their mobile, this greatly reduces the security risk of lost or stolen cards and the cost to replace them. The solution’s advanced encryption and authentication ensures only authorised users can gain access. Airfob also provides valuable data and analytics that can help gyms and organisations better understand their members’ behaviour and further optimise their operations.

Schools and Universities

Access control is vital to provide a safe and secure learning environment in primary schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Airfob’s mobile credential access control helps to improve the security, convenience and overall educational experience at schools and universities by providing access to classrooms, labs, libraries, gyms, student housing, and more, but only to authorised individuals. Everything can be managed within one cloud-based server from doors, readers, and users to monitoring access to academic buildings, student housing and other campus facilities. Airfob’s user friendly interface allows students, staff, and personnel to access classrooms and resources easily via their phones. Selective access ensures that not everyone has the same access to certain areas.

Cost effective, flexible, and scalable for education facilities of all sizes. Airfob requires minimal maintenance costs as there is no expensive hardware and software, and no cost to replace physical keys and cards that have been lost or stolen.


Hotels and vacation rentals can benefit from a mobile access solution, like Airfob, as it can provide guests, staff, and maintenance personnel with the different levels of access they require. Airfob eliminates any issues of having to hide keys or change codes every time a guest checks out. Administrators can remotely manage all doors, grant, or revoke access immediately, and manage multiple sites from one backend management system.

Mobile key cards can be automatically distributed to a guest’s phone as soon as their room is ready, they can then tap their phone to the reader for access. Airfob is compatible with most existing digital door locks that use plastic cards, so can provide an instant upgrade. Check-out is also faster and more convenient. Integrate Airfob seamlessly with new or existing cloud-based hotel and property management solutions to create an automated, efficient management process that enhances guest experience.

Multi-Unit Residential

Modern apartments and co-living spaces incorporate advanced technologies that adapt to resident’s needs, enhancing their overall quality of life, security, and convenience. Airfob can help provide safe and easy access to buildings, individual units and shared spaces like lounges, swimming pools, gyms, workspaces, and roof terraces.

Keys and plastic cards are inconvenient, and residents can copy and keep them after moving out. Mobile credentials are a more secure access method that administrators can remotely revoke at any time, and existing digital door locks that work with plastic cards can be upgraded easily with Airfob. Building managers can grant or restrict access to specific floors, amenities, and areas of the building, and residents can share temporary access with guests, cleaners, and repair crews on an as-needed basis.

If you think your organisation could benefit from a mobile credential access control solution like Airfob, OLS can help you install and maintain the software, alongside providing our continued support should you need it. Contact us.