Our comprehensive range of offerings includes visitor management, health and safety monitoring, time management, and access control, all of which are designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Integrated Access Control and Time Management Solutions by OLS

Our team of software and project managers at OLS work closely with each customer to develop secure and bespoke solutions that align with their specific needs. By integrating time and attendance platforms, we deliver a dynamic cloud-based access control solution that provides enhanced site security, system management, and administration. With a web-based application and intuitive smartphone app, our system enables seamless access control and a unified video event management solution, facilitating real-time data sharing and reducing administration.

Benefits of Integrating Access Control and Time Management Solutions

One of the key benefits of our integration is the significant reduction of in-house administration and duplication of data. By offering a single-source data interface, our solution minimizes the need for manual intervention, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, our integrated system eliminates the need to administer multiple systems and access rights, reducing infrastructure and cost.

Further Solution Integration Capabilities

At OLS, we provide access to a range of products that complement our solutions, including Fire Roll Call Mustering, Visitor and Contractor Management, ANPR, and the implementation of gates, turnstiles & portals to create a secure and intrinsically safe environment. With APIs for seamlessly collecting data, our system ensures accurate on-site recordings, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Integrating Existing Access Control Solutions with Time Management Software

Depending on the specific solutions already deployed and in use at the site, OLS has several integrated systems with some of the world’s largest time management platforms. Our in-house development team can also deliver bespoke integrations through our patented OLS connect module, enabling APIs from non-native systems to work together, or utilizing the exchange of data via CSV files, among other options.

In summary, OLS offers a wide range of sophisticated technology solutions for access control installers, including door access with face recognition, access control QR code readers, Bluetooth access control card readers, and mobile credentials for access control. Our solutions are globally scalable and designed to work across multiple industries, enabling businesses to enhance their security and streamline operations.