Oliver Law Security (OLS) Ltd., a security provider of high quality, reliable and professional security services for a wide range of commercial and industrial establishments, announced today their drive toward transitioning their customer base to cloud-based security solutions.

Speaking on the company’s strategic embrace of the cloud, Founder and CEO Oliver Law explains: “Cloud-based applications are a natural fit for many businesses as they eliminate the prospect of setting up and managing on-premises infrastructure and applications.”

Ollie continues, “Cloud solutions offer our customers the ability to implement a robust security solution without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure. Instead, the security oversight is shifted to us through a hosted platform in the cloud. This simplifies operations and overall management. Moreover, through the benefits of the cloud, our customers can access data and doors at any time from any location.”

One of the key ingredients to this drive by OLS is the Vanderbilt solution, ACT365.

ACT365 is a scalable cloud-based access control and video management platform. It is designed to allow remote management of single and multiple locations from an easy-to-navigate interface.  ACT365 provides ample flexibility for managing an organisation’s access control, including the ability to update or remove permissions, view cameras, or open doors from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

“The benefits of ACT365 for our customers are multiple,” states Ollie. “Two that are absolutely standout from my point of view are that there is no software to install, plus the possibilities due to API integrations with third-party software.

“For instance, what cloud-based products have achieved is that they put the server into a virtual space, making it a managed service for customers. So, just as a rough example, if one of our customers is selling cupcakes, that can now be their priority. They won’t have to worry about the management and maintenance of a large, physical machine in a dark room.”

Ollie next outlines the benefit that API has made in his company’s experience, calling it a “game-changer.”

One such example is an API integration OLS forged with UKG, a global leader in HR time and attendance registration programmes. OLS integrated ACT365 with UKG cloud-based workforce management systems, UKG Dimensions & UKG Ready. This integration created an effective system where the personnel department and the security department could benefit significantly from the same cloud-based solution for access control and a single source of data.

Ollie explains the benefit of this integration for the end-user customer: “The administrative possibilities for HR were raised to a new level where all competent personnel could easily have full control over all their facilities, employees and authorities. This is regardless of where they are in the world and all done through a single platform like their mobile or desktop computer..”

Naturally, OLS believes that cloud-based security solutions’ ultimate benefit is convenience. Law summarises: “Essentially what the cloud boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. Cloud solutions save time and money and bring peace of mind. With technology continuing to embed itself into our everyday life, we must offer our customers solutions that provide agility, adaptability, and dependability. And that is what products like Vanderbilt’s ACT365 do best.”

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