OLS Limited, a leading specialist in providing high-quality, reliable, and professional cloud-based access control solutions to businesses worldwide, are pleased to see a rise in enquiries from the UK pharmaceutical sector. These enquiries have resulted in five new contracts with various pharmaceutical companies over the last few months, all of whom wanted to future-proof their businesses’ access control.

Access control is critical to UK pharmaceutical companies as they are highly regulated with stringent, requirements in which they must comply. Unauthorised access to sensitive data can result in serious legal consequences. Safeguarding sensitive data, protecting intellectual property, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and maintaining the integrity of research and production processes are of the utmost importance.

Access control solutions ensure that only authorised personnel have access to critical assets. Access activities can be monitored and logged, allowing companies to track who accessed what, when and for what purpose. This information is vital for auditing, identifying security breaches, and implementing corrective measures promptly.

Each of the five pharmaceutical companies that now have contracts with OLS Limited will benefit from streamlined, fully scalable systems where data is always available, access control is more secure, and changes can be made easily as and when the business needs. Multiple credential technologies have been deployed, subject to the companies’ individual requirements.

Suprema Airfob was predominantly recommended due to the convenience of using mobile as a means of access over a card or fob, preventing the need to continuously issue cards to new employees or reissue them if they get lost. Act 365 was also recommended due to its ability to create specific cardholder groups for employees with limited access. Both solutions will save the companies on future costs, as there is no longer a need for onsite servers and network heavy hardware that require ongoing maintenance.

Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS Limited said, “It has been great to see the rise in enquiries coming from the pharmaceutical sector, and we’re excited for the opportunity to establish OLS within this industry, by providing effective access control systems. The feedback we have received from our new clients has been positive. They felt that OLS was the right decision as we displayed extensive cloud experience, references, and a clear understating of what pharmaceutical suppliers need. Our offering of a flexible, strategic approach and wealth of knowledge in full cloud migration, seamlessly integrating systems with existing software, attracted the companies – alongside the level of support and maintenance we are more than pleased to provide them over the next three years.

“We’re delighted these companies have chosen OLS as their cloud-based security provider and look forward to further business growth within the pharmaceutical sector.”