The team have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep businesses and commercial premises safe and secure.

OLS work with a range of essential food manufacturing & logistics companies whereby vital installation and maintenance work is required.

During the first National lockdown, the team welcomed a new Senior Software Architect – Bala. Bala’s role within the business is to provide bespoke integration platforms that move customers to the cloud so that they can have a more streamlined and cost-effective security platform.  Subsequently, the company have also employed two Installation Engineers – Jason and Ben and a new Business Development Manager – Mark.

We now find ourselves in another national lockdown, however, be rest assured that OLS have policies and procedures in place so that staff and customers are protected. Their engineers continue to work throughout the country to provide essential works to customers and are taking the necessary precautions so that they can continue to work safely and follow the government guidelines.

Oliver Law Security Ltd are specialists in providing Access Control installations to a range of commercial and industrial establishments. we offer a range of security systems including Access Control, IP CCTV, ANPR and Gates and Barriers. OLS have the knowledge and experience to provide up to minute cloud-based solutions for access control systems and CCTV systems.

Contact our team of specialists today to discuss how we can help with access control requirements for your business – 01302 481815.