Doncaster-based experts in cloud-based access control, OLS Limited, are pleased to announce their new contract with a specialist steel manufacturing company.

Working to future proof the company’s access control system, OLS will upgrade and migrate existing infrastructure, that has been in place for 25 years, into one single centralised system in the cloud. Using ACT365 to integrate seamlessly with their current UKG Ready Time & Attendance software, the project will take approximately 3 months to complete. This new cloud-based access control system will then work to enable the management of access control from anywhere at any time, via an Internet connected account.

Cloud-based access control will benefit this specialist steel company by streamlining their processes, while the fully scalable software will allow the company to make changes as they grow. Data will always be readily available, and their access control will be overall more secure. OLS Limited have a vast knowledge in migrating access control to the cloud and a wealth of experience in integrating these systems with existing contractor and visitor management software like UKG Ready Time & Attendance.

The steel company’s 3-year, £150,000 contract with OLS Limited includes ongoing support that will save them on future costs due to the lack of onsite servers requiring maintenance.

Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS Ltd said, “This specialist steel company had their existing system for 25 years and were eager to make a similar investment to know that their business would be future-proofed. They decided to work with us here at OLS as we can offer them a cloud-only option that would seamlessly integrate with their existing UKG Ready Time & Attendance system, alongside our continued remote support. We are very pleased to be chosen as their cloud-based security provider and look forward to a very successful partnership ahead.”