OLS Limited, a specialist cloud-based access control company located in Doncaster, are excited to announce their new contract with an international heating manufacturer who focus on green energy and renewables.

Working to future proof the heating manufacturer’s access control systems, OLS will migrate their infrastructure from 7 different onsite locations to one single centralised system in the cloud. This new cloud-based access control system will work with Bluetooth technology to enable the management of access control from anywhere at any time, via an Internet connected account. Taking approximately 4 weeks to deploy across all 7 of the manufacturer’s UK sites, this cloud-based access control will replace the company’s current onsite infrastructure that has been in place for 15 years.

Cloud-based access control will benefit this international heating manufacturer by streamlining their systems – the fully scalable software allows for easy changes as the business grows, data is always readily available and access control will be overall more secure. OLS Limited have a vast knowledge when it comes to migrating access control to the cloud and a wealth of experience in seamlessly integrating these systems with a business’ existing contractor and visitor management software.

This 6-figure 3-year contract includes ongoing support and maintenance – future ongoing costs will be saved as there is no longer any need for onsite servers and hardware at each of the 7 locations.

Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS Ltd said, “This international heating manufacturer did not initially set out to use cloud-based access control. After understanding what this infrastructure could offer their business, they decided it was the best solution. We’re pleased they have chosen OLS as their cloud-based security provider and look forward to a successful partnership moving forwards.”