Oliver Law Security (OLS) a leading specialist providing high-quality, reliable, and professional security services to businesses across the UK for over 10 years are pleased to announce significant business growth from a new emerging global market, having won multiple contracts to provide cloud access control integrations to a multitude of US businesses.

OLS will be providing this new client base cloud access control integrations and continued support for these systems through their own custom built cloud based integrations platform OLS Connect.

OLS Connect is a custom built cloud based integrations platform that enables access control systems to integrate with a multitude of other business management systems including  HR, Time and Attendance, and Payroll Platforms. This enables non-native systems to work in tandem which delivers enhanced security as  data is always up to date, along with the added advantage of reduced administration time and human error from inputting information over multiple databases.

Having been referred to numerous companies within the US by a number of Global partners, OLS were chosen to deliver and support the access control integrations over other US and UK companies due to their unique approach to site security and health and safety management. Their ability to offer a scalable and flexible access control system tailored to each individual businesses needs really stood out from other potential suppliers.

The fact that OLS could offer complete control over a sites infrastructure and that everything could be accessed within the cloud, meaning no large servers or additional on premise hardware to manage and maintain, as well as  the ability to be able to manage everything remotely was a key factor in the new contracts being awarded. Along with the added advantage that the access control system could be integrated with existing business applications via OLS Connect.

Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS said “It has been great to establish new partners and customers in the US to provide effective access control systems. The feedback we have had from our new clients because of their new access control systems has been positive. The business growth we have already seen from this emerging market stands us in great stead for years to come, OLS growth for 2023 could surprise us all.”