The cloud has proven to be beneficial for just about every entity involved in its deployment and use, with end users across the industry gleaning significant value from its convenience, flexibility and remote capabilities. ACT365 encompasses all that the cloud has to offer, providing a solution that facilitates complete security at any time and from anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • By combining access control and video management into one unified interface, business owners have the ability to obtain more visibility and control of their premises. For example, when incidents occur at a door (as they often do), operators can simply click on the access control event to locate and review the recorded footage. Additionally, with alarm panel integration, ACT365 allows authorized cardholders to arm and disarm the system either with a credential or from the web portal.
  • Traditional security systems often require a dedicated PC located onsite in order to manage the system. With ACT365, a business owner or security manager can access the system 365 days a year from any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. This allows stakeholders to stay truly connected to their business by accessing video footage on their tablet, locking down doors remotely or receiving important push notifications to their smartphone.
  • Managed service. Since ACT365 is hosted on the cloud, businesses can eliminate the need for a robust IT department and expensive hardware. The managed service model also enables organizations to take advantage of ongoing support, maintenance and remote troubleshooting.

Typical Applications

  • Multiple sites (retail, restaurants, satellite offices). For businesses looking to reduce shrinkage, theft and fraudulent claims by customers or staff, ACT365 provides the ability to replicate one security solution across multiple sites with central monitoring and reporting.
  • Small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Though some businesses have limited IT resources, these facilities still require the ability to protect their building, assets and employees. ACT365 can help avoid the cost of PCs or servers while enhancing security through remote management capabilities.
  • Payment control (gyms, property management/rental companies). Through the ACT365 API, users may set scenarios whereby facilities can restrict access when an individual’s membership lapses or expires.
  • Remote sites (construction sites, water towers, electrical substations). With the need to secure a remote facility with limited IT infrastructure and the administration of cards a burden, ACT365 provides seamless communication, time and attendance reports, and the ability to restrict access from any location.

As we become more familiar and comfortable with cloud-centric technology and services, the benefits of deploying these solutions for physical security are apparent. ACT365 harnesses the cloud’s power to deliver end users a comprehensive and efficient security solution. Learn more about the Vanderbilt ACT365 solution.

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